Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting blog-istic..

Past few weeks i have been reading blogs like i would read for my semester exams.. I dont mean the level of interest (or the lack of it.. :)), but the hours i get myself engrossed in reading blogs. Blogs have become a great time-pass for me. Browsing them, my geeky mind took note of all these..

Blogs (No offence meant)
1) can be of any genre.
2) They can be Personal experiences( My first day in college, office , central jail, whatever.. )3) They shall reflect one's interests ( I love reading, jogging, barking, etc, etc.. )
4) They may involve reviews, take whatever, movies, books, restaurants..
5) They may include tips, teachings, preachings.. ( Do's and Donts while preparing exams, preparing dosa.. )

In many ways, these blogs are a true reflection of one's own self, one's thoughts and their experiences. It lets you talk to the outer world. I have been ignorant all these days. Never knew so many people write blogs, express their opinions through them. I could remember my TL showing a blog to decide on a place for his weekend getaway. Its absolutely amazing and blogs are the 'mouthpiece' of this internet-savvy generation.

For me, Blogs are a way to tell something to the world, atleast to a few, which would possibly include all of the above.

PS: After proof-reading this blog, I feel that this must have been my intro one..

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