Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank God.. Its Friday!!!


This is certainly not an advertisement to any of the money making chain of restaurants.. This would possibly be the cry of a number of people in this 9 AM to 6 PM world filled with deadlines, bluffs and fake smiles.. Yes.. This definitely implies the software-industry and the so-called Technical Analysts/Programmers/System Analysts or whatever big time designation we have..
I am not trying to undermine the worth of this huge industry which has given lives and money for many of us or toiling to deny its effect on the Indian economy.. This blog is just to share my feelings on how this work has changed the way I look at a day which had been normal to me all these years and looks like afestival for me the past eight months.. A FRIDAY was just another day until the nuances of work made me feel an anxiety of a die-hard Rajni fan who waits for the release of his thalaivar's next movie..
Each Friday has so far given me a sense of happiness that knew no bounds..
One of my friend said, "Friday comes after four frying days".. I found this true in my case..
I am not gonna list you what all I do on or after Friday.. But Friday itself has had a positive effect on me.. Atleast in the way i feel..

Below are some of the Moments/Instances where i could feel the beauty of the day..

1) My work is typically BAU where I need to be at office at 8 AM sharp{ True!!:((( } to work with my Australian counterparts.. This virtually means i should wake up at 6.45 AM everyday and hurry to office.. I do this painfully everyday seeing my roomies sleep like as if they are enjoying a holiday .. So, waking up like this on a Friday morning gives me a huge sense of relief that I need not do this for another two days..

2) Next comes my attire.. I am the only one out of the five in my house who needs to wear business casuals (nothing but formals) everyday and its truly a pain to check everyday whether you have everything ready, your trousers and shirts, neat, pressed and ready.. But FRIDAY gives me a cushion to wear t-shirts and jeans which wont give you not more than a minute to get yourself ready. The feel of completeness an unpressed 150 Rs. Tshirt gives is more than seeing me looking good at the mirror wearing a Van Huesen that costs more than 6 times the T-shirt.. just because its a FRIDAY..

3) Friday is one day where you could see a lot of empty cubicles or people leave early sending out emails of "Leaving early as i need to catch my train" kind. This gives me more breathing space as my work is more dependant on others', so more people are absent, more vetti time for me.. It would help me feel as if i am the only responsible soul in the company.. So, one more Friday factor to add to my list..

4) Birthday treats and farewell parties have become a lifeline for us these days.. We don't know whether these people( read Colleagues) give money to their family, but this has become a routine, a doctrine to give treats to those whom you never knew few months back or who may move out few months down the line. That doesnt matter. Treats are always there..
Birthday?? "Where is the treat??"
Leaving the company?? "Where is the treat?? "
Joined the company?? "Give me welcome treat??"
Got a new mobile phone?? "Treat !!!" You buy a mobile phone for 4k and end up giving treat for 2k.. "Enna koduma sir idhu?? "

I am no saint either.. Even I am one of those treat-wishers and thats one specific reason my love for Friday never falls.. Fridays have been traditionally been the treat-giving day where I spend hours in posh restaurants that I have never dreamt of I would get into.. My treat places have so far been chilli-gobi, kaalan stalls or tea kadais.. But these places were new to me.. On the positive side, I got to know some good people around me in my team just because of the treats.. So, treats aren't that bad.. Moreover, physically it helps you put on weight ;-).. They are the principle reason in s/w engineers putting on tummy providing stiff competition to our police mamas.. While i am writing this blog, the thought running in the back of my mind is the treat my colleague is about to give us this friday.. A huge motivation infact!!!

Now, i have listed the points.. I needed to complete my first blog in a typical GRE AWA way.. With a conclusion..

Well.. There are many more reasons like this.. Corporate world means a lot to me.. It had impacted my views on variegated stuff.. and FRIDAY is one among them..
My experience might not be the same as many of yours.. Pls key in your comments if you have any or wat u feel about this..

PS: It took three hours to complete my first blog.. I wonder how some of my friends (Vignesh, Sri, umesh, etc.. ) manage to post too often.. Hats off to them..


Sridhar V said...
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Sridhar V said...

If you have read my blog, u wud find that, "any day is a friday for me". Except for the dress-code, fridays are the nothing different to me.

Probably u shd ask people who are seriously working like u. Not to Sridhar or Vignesh :) :)

Vignesh said...

@ Naga

Wishes for the new blog... And i totally agree with you.. Man this life is demanding and i also find it a bit artificial.. I remember how most of us came to coll:).. kilinja jeans, O.C satta :)... Things have changed a lot!

@ Sri

//Not to Sridhar or Vignesh :) :)

Na epdi paathalum neenga senior-ga na.. naan podiyan!! :)

Naga said...


Man.. i never expected such a quick reply from you..
I read your blog.. And tats y i mentioned 'you might not have had the same experiences like me'..

Also, working for four days doesnt mean i work sincerely and seriously.. I am asked to do something and i do tat.. Its better stay in BENCH than being like me..

Thanks for your wishes.. And you would find more of my outbursts of this artificial life in my future blogs.. And of course.. OC satta and torn jeans.. Life has changed in dangerous proportions

umeshkarthy said...

Point no 4, treats looks like the greatest motivation for you man... turn back and see, half the post is just about treats.
Its a honour to be named in your very first post. ;)

Naga said...


Thanks for visiting buddy..
Treats are a huge movitation.. Atleast for writing a blog..