Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mozart of Madras

Rahman roars!!

Be it a movie starring a superstar or newbie, Rahman sprays
magic on it with his sheer diversity and freshness. Right from the Roja days, the aura of freshness has been prevalent in almost all of his albums. His righteous mix of instruments, flair for innovation and creativity makes me feel that he is among the best ever.

To say that his recent compositions (Ghajini, Yuvraaj, Jaanu Tu) were good would be a gross understatement, I can only see his music getting better with fresh voices.
His handling of budding singers is commendable and he brings the best out of them. Karthik and Benny to name a few. While we don't often get to see his magic in Tamil nowadays, one has to accept the fact that this man's powers is not confined or to be enjoyed in one particular part of the country restricted by language. Of late, he has been spreading his wings across the world, and with another feather in the cap, this one being the biggest so far, A Golden Globe nomination for his work in 'Slumdog Millionaire', he is at an all-time high. Awards have not eluded him since Roja (Winning a National Award in his first ever movie itself proves his class) but this one if he wins could see a huge celebration back home. While we wait for the results to be announced for this, the Oscar dream is not far-fetched. He may soon conquer that as well and we simply hope for that to happen.

And coming a little off-track, the last thing we would like from him is to see his songs being mouthed in some
sunnambu clad heroes' movies. The sight of SJ Surya dancing to his tunes was so painful and a glorious heartbreak. Believe me, there are thousands of folks who stopped watching the 'Mayilirage' song where Mr.X dances in the backdrop of Thiruvalluvar Statue. God, I had my heart in my mouth. Rahman has some history of movies where the songs vanished into thin air as the movies turn damp squibs. We hope that doesnt happen often from now on. Let the man of class be associated with something he deserves to.

Hail the 'Mozart of Madras' and wish him more success!!!


Sridhar V said...

Did u hear SlumDog Millionaire?
its really good except that it ll take sometime to sink in..

But wat ever it is, Rahman is the only Indian composer to give something different with each n every album/movie of his..

Naga said...


Ya.. i did.. Only after watching the movie but.. really liked it.. And yes, it does take time to hit you.. Just as other Rahman albums..

Jai Ho and Ringa Ringa are stunning!!..